Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands

Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands are off the coast of Bayfield Wisconsin, the northernmost part of the state.  These islands are one of Wisconsin’s most spectacular natural features and are known to kayakers worldwide.  It remains a hidden jewel of the Great Lakes for many others.  The group of 21 islands is designated as a National Lakeshore.  Madeline Island is not a part of the federal park but is a part of the Apostle Islands archipelago, putting the total number of islands at 22 islands that cover over 400 square miles.


Kayaking The Sea Caves

Kayaking the sea caves of the Apostle Islands is a breathtaking way to connect with nature and with everything that exists, including ourselves.  Waves and wind have built gorgeous mosaic sculptures from the fine layers of sandstone, sculpting them into tiny arches and vaulted passageways.  Apostle Islands kayaking is one of Wisconsin’s most spectacular adventures and will leave your mind, body and soul refreshed and invigorated.

The Lake Is the Boss!

It is easy to paint a picture that depicts these islands as the Caribbean of the North, however we must always watch out for the darker nature of the Lake Superior. Even the most gentle day can turn with a blast of strong winds and cold rain.  We must be cautious of the Great Lake’s moodier nature, as an outfitter we know this is no place to take risks.

 Our best advices is to be flexible when you plan your vacation to the Apostle Islands.  There is always a chance that your tour may not launch on the day you planned or that an alternate location will be offered.  This is just what we deal with on Lake Superior, the Lake is the boss!

Apostle Islands Kayaking

The waves of Lake Superior carved sea caves along the coast, which tend to be the main attraction for most Apostle Islands kayaking adventures. A kayak or boat is the best way to explore the nooks and crannies of the colorful sandstone sea caves, sea arches and sandstone cliff.  The sea caves are erosional features in the ancient sandstone cliffs, a picturesque natural wonder covered in lichen and moss. Carved by the stormy waters of the largest of the Great Lakes, the caves feature winding tunnels, arches and sea stacks.  Kayaking, fishing and hiking top the list of things to do in the Apostle Islands.  Madeline Island, the largest of Lake Superior’s 22 islands in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, is home to Big Bay State Park which dazzles paddlers with its coastal caves.  These caves can be found in many places in the Apostle Islands and on the mainland and provide a network of brilliant red sandstone caves that kayakers can explore for days.